Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey Hey What Do You Say It Has Been A Busy Day

It has been so busy and so much fun.  I am feeling great right now.  I came out of remission and was not feeling well in January/February, but with the help of Dr. Faris I am doing great.  I get accupuncture and mistletoe injections, plus homeopathic herbs that are really helping me feel good.  I met the KC Wolf last week and will post some photos as soon as I can get the computer to cooperate.  My friend Stewie in California is doing great.  I heard from him the others.  We are having a big reading event at school and I am so excited.  I love to read and love the kids.  I never want to leave them, but my "mom" says I have to leave so I don't get too tired.  I will send photos when I can.

With Best BowWowinWishes, Hero