Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Reading

I do have more exciting stories about reading, but first I am trying to help a friend find a home.  He loves to play with a ball, find it and return it to you.  He can find it anywhere and never gets tired, unlike me.  I get tired easily.  My friend has really good obedience skills, but would rather run and play.  I tried to make a video of him but don't know how good it is.  Please don't get bored.  He is a busy boy and I tried to capture him having fun.  He could do all this off leash, but a person who is interested in him doing search work wanted to see some things on lead.  So here goes......SSSSStewieeeeeee !!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boy do I love reading

We sure have fun at Ronald McDonald House.  This week we will be going to a family fun event and presenting information about therapy dogs.  I love being a therapy dog and reading with children.  Check out HeroesandHalos in Kansas and The Retreat at the Elms.  Will share more later.

September Already

How did we get to the middle of September already.  Where does the time go?  I was kind of sick to my stomach this week, but good ole Dr. Joe gave me some tummy medicine and it is all better now.  I am back to eating like a horse.   I love oatmeal!!!!!  with chicken and carrots, and pumpkin, and fish, and liver, and cookies, and ice cream, hey wait a minute.  I just love everything.  Boy, it is good to have my appetite back :):)    My friends from Ronald McDonald House sent this picture from our last visit.  I miss the kids and cannot wait to go back.  My little friends at first were a bit afraid of me because I am so big, but they loved reading with me and were soon brushing me and petting me.  I LOVE CHILDREN !!!!