Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love kitty cats

I know, I know, some people think dogs and cats cannot get along.  YOU cannot believe everything you hear.  I live with two cats and we often have a visitor or two.  I love kitties and puppies.  Today, we helped a bunch of kitty rescues get some much needed cat litter.  It makes me feel so good to help others even if they are not dogs like me.  My friends out there....remember to spay and neuter your pets.  There are way too many homeless pets and still way too many that are euthanized.  Check out and see what others are doing to help save lives.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Days...School Days...Good Ole Golden Rule Days....

I am so excited about starting the new school year.  The 1st graders that read with me last year will read with me again this year as 2nd graders.  My friend, Cheri, will be reading with the children at Alexander Doniphan also.  I am going to miss Megan.  We worked together for 5 years.  She is a sweetheart.  You can see her in the little video attachment on the blog.  She is the very pretty silver haired Schnauzer. 

I will be able to meet with the children as long as the dreaded cancer does not return.  I hope it stays away this year.  I sure do miss the children.   That's the good news for the day.  We'll start after labor day. 

I had fun making new friends at the summer workshop helping others learn about how to be therapy dog handlers and what their dogs need to know to be a therapy dog.  It was fun and I was so happy to be out again and around people.  Not that I don't love my family, but I really miss the interactions with other people too. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Month Later

The doctors are very happy with Hero's progress.  He remains in remission and in fact has visited his friends at Ronald McDonald House, the summer camp, and Kansas City Public Library on a limited basis.  Hero dressed in his best Dog Scout scarf was a goodwill ambassador at Girl Scout Summer Camp teaching about pet safety, responsibility, bite prevention and last but not least persevering in the face of adversity.  Hero is so happy to be feeling better and able to see his friends.  He is hoping to visit at school this fall and be able to participate in the reading program again. 

Hero now brings a message that Cancer is not the end of life, but the beginning of a new way of living. 

Comfort Food and Medical Miracles

I am not too good at this but decided to try to share my story via video. Well, part of it anyway. Here goes.....