Sunday, March 1, 2009

School Days

Today was school day with the kids. There is nothing I love more than the kids. Mom had me wait by the door until they were ready to meet me. This was a new group. They called them special needs, and I thought they really were special. I brought along my table cloth and recipe for stone soup. The kids had fun taking turns setting the table (the felt table cloth goes over my back) and creating the soup, then stirring, sharing and eating it (all make believe of course) with the felt ingredients. Then they all cleaned up the table, put the ingredients away, and we play READing time. This is one of my favorites. The one they call teacher writes a word on the white board. I read the word and act it out, and all the kids have to do what I do. I think it is called Simon Says, or Follow The Leader, something like that. Anyway, I read a word that might say "sit", then I sit and they all sit with me. There are about six or seven words we all do together. The most fun word is under. I stand up and they all do the belly crawl underneath me. Then the next word is down, and well take a nap. It is so much fun. I did not want to leave. My mom had to drag me out of the room. I would have stayed with them all day. They all invited me back, and mom promised we would go back. So I will look forward to next time.

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